Top 5 Reasons to Visit Tanzania

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November 24, 2014
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March 22, 2015
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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Tanzania

Most people would love to visit Africa to experience game viewing and the picturesque safari first hand. No other country has displayed an immense capability of hosting visitors than Tanzania. With 25% of its entire land protected through the National Parks and Reserves, Tanzania has the highest concentration of animals than anywhere else in the world, thus making it one of the world’s greatest Safari destinations. Visit Tanzania today and check out the following eye-opening sites:

1. Serengeti National Park:

Serengeti National park is one of the famous national parks in Africa. Declared a UNESCO HERITAGE SITE, the Serengeti has pretty much every animal you could hope to see on an African Safari. The Masai translation of Serengeti is ‘Siringet’ which means a “vast land of endless plains which meets the sky”. The Serengeti is known for its enormous herbivore migration, led by over a million wildebeest and zebra.


Best known for:

  • Over 10, 000 square miles
  • Most famous park in Africa
  • Annual migration of 1.7 million Wildebeest and zebra
  • Stunning , beautiful endless plains
  • Considered by many as the ultimate ‘wildlife show’ on earth


  • Over 5,700 square miles


Savannahs, mountains, short and long grass plains, wetlands and open woodlands.

Main species:

Wildebeest, Zebra, Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo, Giraffe, Baboon, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Cheetah, Hippo, Hyena, Thompson Gazelle, Ostrich, Jackal.

Migration Zebra - Serengeti

2. Ngorongoro Conservation Area:

This magical crater, with stunning views from its rims, lies between Serengeti and Lake Manyara National Parks. Many consider Ngorongoro crater as one of the natural wonders of the world. With 610 meters high walls, it is the largest intact crater in the world. The Ngorongoro conservation area consists of local Masai, their livestock and wildlife, which coexist together and share the same protected habitat. Definitely worth a visit!


Best known for:

  • Endangered African Black Rhino and bull elephants
  • Coexistence of people, their livestock and wildlife animals
  • Top wildlife viewing all year round
  • Referred to as 8th wonder of the world
  • Superb and amazing game viewing over the Crater’s edge.


  • 3,200 Square miles
  • Caldera measures between 10 – 12 miles and 610 meters high walls.


  • Forest, Open grassland, Swamps, Lake, Hills

Main Species:

  • Black Rhinos, hippos, cheetahs, Lions, Hyenas, Flamingoes, Elephant, Wildebeest, Zebra, Ostrich, Secretary Bird, Eland, Warthog


3. Kilimanjaro – the roof of Africa

Standing at 5,895 meters above sea level, Mr. Kilimanjaro is the highest peak and arguably the most famous mountain in Africa. Mt. Kilimanjaro is considered the world’s highest free standing mountain, which can be climbed by any able and physically fit person. The mountain is located along the Tanzania northern border with Kenya, although the mountain is only accessible through Tanzanian side. A superb fit for avid climbers and outdoor adventurers.


Best known for:

  • Known as ‘roof of Africa’ Tallest mountain in Africa
  • Highest free Standing Mountain in the world.
  • Mountain is made up of three dormant volcanoes: Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. Uhuru peak is located on Kibo.
  • Avid hikers attempt to reach the mountain peak every year.


  • 5,895 meters above sea level.


Forest (1,800m – 2,800m), Heather and Mooreland (2,800m – 4,000m), Highland Desert (4,000m – 5,000m) and The Summit (5,000m – 5,895m)

Main Species:

Grey Duiker and Eland, which occur in the Mooreland, Buffalo which occasionally move out of the forest into the Mooreland and Grassland, Blue Monkey, Western Black and White Colobus Monkey.


4. Zanzibar – The Spice Island

A must island to visit! Always visited after a safari trip in Tanzania’s Northern Circuit. Zanzibar is a fascinating sun- drenched island, home to endless sandy beaches with fringed coral reefs. Spend colorful days amidst the island’s bustling markets in the eclectic capital city of stone Town. This destination is also considered one of the world’s most beautiful islands, which evokes a romantic past.


Best known for:

  • Spice Tour (Among famous spices found: Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Vanilla and Pepper).
  • Pristine White Sand Beaches
  • Stone Town Tour / Old Slave Market
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
  • Jozani Forest – Home to the Red Colubus Monkeys, the Rain Forest and the Mangrove Swamp.


5. Tanzania Cultural Tourism / Experience

In Tanzania, a land of superb landscapes and spectacular wildlife, another attraction stands equally tall, the people. Tanzanians are among the most welcoming and approachable on earth, with a range of fascinating cultures ready to be shared with visitors. Tanzania has up to 122 different tribes, and all of these have a fascinating story to tell!

Popular Cultural Tours include:

Tour of Masai people / villages in Ngorongoro Conservation area– These are possibly the best known resident Tanzanian tribe to date. Masai people are known for the Nilotic pastoralist tribal and cattle- raiding wars that raged in the Northern Tanzanian region in the 1800s. Their Pride, arrogance and fearsome reputation as worriers and lion killers has earned them special reverence in the eyes of the world.


Tour of the Hadzabe – The Hadzabe people probably have the longest history and most ancient traditions. These hunter-gatherers have now settled around Lake Eyasi in Northern Tanzania. It’s definitely worth visiting and experience their way of life first hand.


Zanzibar Spice Tour – The Tour of Tanzania wouldn’t be complete without experiencing Zanzibar. The island is well known for its cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and many spices and herbs which are essential ingredients in Zanzibaris everyday life. The spices and herbs can be seen in the plantations just outside Zanzibar Town. This gives opportunity for visitors see the countryside and also connect with local people. Visitors can also experience fishing in a local Dhow or jumping out of coral reef like a local. Visitors can also participate in cooking lessons with local women, rent bicycles and explore local villages, with help of a local guide.

Zanzibar Spice Tour

Bagamoyo – Bagamoyo is a historic coastal town which is exciting to visit. The town, very rich in history, is derived from Swahili word which translates ‘lay down your heart’, a sad tribute to the African slaves who died or passed through the town. This town is very popular with young adults who like to volunteer in local children’s homes and summer schools.


Other fun activities/ experiences include sampling traditional food prepared by local women, learning how to make coconut art ornaments, beaded necklaces and pottery. Visitors can also rent bicycles and tour around Bagamoyo, the beach and visit the local sea weed farms. Attending an evening Swahili traditional dance is sure a nice way to end your adventurous day in an African Coastal town.

These are just some of the experiences you can have when visiting Tanzania. Next, take a look at the safari itineraries we offer and book your Tanzania safari today!

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