Kilimanjaro Treks

Size: 19,336 feet
Location: Northern Tanzania, near Moshi Town.

Standing at:19,336 feet (5,895 meters) above sea level, Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest peak and arguably the most famous mountain in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro is considered the world’s highest freestanding mountain, which can be climbed by any able and physically fit person. The mountain is located along Tanzania’s northern border with Kenya, although the mountain is only accessible through the Tanzanian side. There are six trekking  up the mountain, namely Marangu, Machame, Mweka, Umbwe, Lemosho- Shira and Rongai. Average number of days to the top of the mountain is approximately five days. Hikers go through a thick tropical forest, followed by vast grassland, barren rock face and eventually encountering white glacier at the top.

Marangu Route:

This is the most popular of all routes. As it is gentle and gradual all the way to the top. It is the only route that It is also the only route, which offers sleeping huts in dormitory style accommodations. This Route goes through Mandara Hut, Horombo Hut, Kibo Hut, and on to Uhuru Hut through Gilmans Point. Minimum number of nights to reach the summit is five nights.

Machame Route:

This is considered probably the most beautiful route to the top of the mountain.The Machame route is considered a difficult route, and is better suited for more adventurous folks and those with some hiking or backpacking experience. The minimum number of days required for this route is six days, although seven days is recommended

Umbwe Route:

The Umbwe route is a short, steep and direct route. It is considered to be very difficult and is the most challenging way up Mount Kilimanjaro. Due to the quick ascent, Umbwe does not provide the necessary stages for altitude acclimatization. The route is offered at a minimum of six days, though seven days is recommended when attempting this route. .

Lemosho  Route:

This is a very steep route and approaches from the West. It is only recommended for the physically fit trekkers and experienced mountaineers. The minimum number of days required for this route is six days, although eight days is ideal.

Shira Route:

The Shira route is another path that approaches Kilimanjaro from the west, and it is nearly identical to the Lemosho route. While Lemosho starts at Londorossi Gate and treks through the rain forest to Shira 1 Camp, the Shira route bypasses this walk by using a vehicle to transport climbers to Shira Gate, located near the Shira Ridge. The minimum number of days required for this route is six days.

Rongai Route:

This is a very steep route as well and is considered a direct route to the summit.

This route is highly recommended, especially for those with less backpacking experience.The minimum number of days required for this route is six days, and seven days are recommended.