Best Time to Visit Tanzania

Lake Manyara’s Newly Constructed Hot Spring Boardwalk and Hippo Pool Viewpoint Enhances Better Game Driving Experience to Park’s Visitors
March 22, 2015
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Best Time to Visit Tanzania

Best time to visit Tanzania


Many people who want to visit Tanzania for a safari would have this question: when is the best time to go? Important things including weather, climate would definitely be a factor. The other question of when to go for a safari also depends on what it is that you really want to see and experience.


Tanzania is a big country with much variation in its geography and climate. At 5,000 feet above sea level, Tanzania is tropical and generally comfortable all year round, with day temperatures ranging from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and about 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the mornings and evening. The country has two distinct seasons:


Wet Season: Between March and May

Dry Season: Between December and March


The best wildlife viewing months in Tanzania’s Northern Circuit are from late June to October. This period is usually a dry season, which gives you the best chance of viewing the Serengeti migration. Animals are very easy to spot during this season because of less vegetation and most of them tend to gather around waterholes ,rivers and lakes. The wet season between March and May may not a good time for safari, mainly because the roads get muddy and many animals scatter around making it hard to spot .


Alternative time to visit would be during the months of January and February, when wildebeest calving is at its peak. Approximately 400,000 calves are born in the space of a single week, bringing a lot of action as numerous predators follow the migration herds. Lion, Hyenas, Leopard, Cheetah and vultures thrive at this time of the year.


Many of the Northern Circuit national parks have clear skies, with little of no rain, thus fewer mosquitos. The southern and western circuits can also be visited all year round.


Best Time to Visit Tanzania 

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