Sayari Tented Camp

The Sayari camp is a seasonal and usually set up in three different locations in the Serengeti.  The camp always follows the migration and is close to it.

Jan-April, camp is located in the piaya, southern Serengeti ; June – September located in Mara River Area in north-western Serengeti while from October to Mid January the camp is based in Soit Sambu, in the North- Eastern part of the Serengeti. The camp is closed during the rain season, April and May.


  • The camp has 8 luxury tents, which offer comfortable beds and ensuite bathroom facilities, each with a private verandah overlooking the plains of the Serengeti.


  • The camp has a lounge/mess tent and a stocked with an African safari library. Guests can also be seen enjoying their evening by meeting other guests and exchange of the day time and watch the stars.
  • Guests can enjoy meals prepared by well-trained staff either, in the dining room or privately under the millions of stars in the Serengeti sky.


  • Activities in the camp include among other things, game drives, photographic safaris, flying camping as well as weddings and honeymoons.